Sunday, December 12, 2010

That was a quick year!!!

As we prepare to send out our annual Christmas cards, it has become apparent that 54 weeks have passed since we last updated the blog. So, here goes a quick year in review...

The Spring of 2010 was spent running around Southern Utah. Skyler participated on the school tennis team and loved that. He took a number of van rides to beautiful destinations such as St. George, Delta and Richfield.
Sydney worked at the local hospital in the OB department on an internship and loved working with the new babies and mothers.
Vicki worked. Rich Worked.

In the summer we all kept way to busy. Vicki and the kids went to youth conference (Vicki is the Young Women's president and now has built in vacations planned). Rich and Skyler competed in the Utah Summer Games in Tennis. Rich earned two medals for singles and doubles while Syler earned one medal for doubles. Next year they will try doubles together in the parent/child division.

On the 4th of July we flew from Las Vegas to St. Louis and went to the Gateway Arch and watched an airshow from the arch (very cool). Then we spent the next 10 days driving.

We went to Nauvoo and enjoyed tours and the Nauvoo Pageant. Rich and Vicki were fortunate to go to the Nauvoo Temple. Amazing!

We then headed East and stopped in Sandusky, Ohio at Cedar Pointe Amusement Park. For those of you that are coaster enthusiasts, this is pure Heaven! The only downsides were being stuck on one coaster while they hosed down a coaster car in front of us after one guy lost his lunch. And the heat index felt like 130 degrees. So we only lasted about 6 hours when I was hoping for 10, but it was still well-worth the side road.

Next we went through Kirtland, Ohio and then headed up to Rochester, New York. We all enjoyed the Palmyra Temple, the Pageant and some of the early LDS Church history sights. Then we went up to Niagra Falls prior to hopping on a plane in Buffalo and heading home. It was an amazing vacation and we are so grateful to have been able to make the trip as a family.

The day after returning home, Rich interviewed for the position of Principal at Canyon View High School. About an hour later he accepted the position and has lived at the high school ever since.

Vicki has been involved in some major insurance changes at work and has been putting in some long hard hours. She is still loving her job and gets along great with her boss.

Sydney has been taking tours of different universities around the state trying to decide where to move next year. The top three right now are Weber State, Utah Valley and Southern Utah. There are still a few other options being floated around though (Utah State and Snow). So stayed tuned on that one. She is also doing another internship, this time at our family doctor's office.

Skyler has just completed drivers ed and will be getting his license in a couple of months. I repeat, Skyler will be getting his license. Please consider yourself warned! He is also anticipating playing tennis again this spring.

Both Sydney and Skyler will be participating in the State Honor Choir Festival in January at Abravenal Hall in Salt Lake. It is a great experience and a privilege to be invited.

All in all we are just grateful to be safe and sound for another year. Time has definitely flown by but it has flown by with great memories. We are truly blessed and recognize the many loved ones and friends that provide inspiration and support.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas!!!

For fun we have included a video of what Rich does at work all day...

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Bishop Terry said...

Hey Bishop- Did the singles enjoy the two meals you earned for them? Hope the meals were from Poncho and Lefty's, not Brad's foot hut.... ;)