Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas 2008

Merry Christmas!
On Christmas morning we opened our presents as usual. The last present the kids opened said to pack your bags because we were headed to San Diego in 3 hours. Apparently everyone was excited to go because we were on the road in 2 hours.
We got out of town just in time as well because there was a masive storm that hit town just after we left and we drove through wind and rain the whole way down it seemed.

We stopped at Grandpa and Val's house to deliver their present. It was good to see their Christmas fun as well.
In San Diego we stayed in La Jolla north of San Diego a few miles. It was just over the freeway from the San Diego temple, which provided a nice view in the evenings.

On Friday we went to the "Happiest Place on Earth." No not Mickey Mouse land, but Shamu land. We absolutley love Sea World!

The crowds were light and the shows were great. The only downside was that the temperature was a little low to ride Atlantis too much and be wet for the rest of the day. So we only rode it twice and wore our rain slickers. They had a lot of Christmas twists to the shows and the park was all decked out for the holiday. A couple of highlights for us were the "Dine with Shamu" and "Behind the Scenes Tour." We had never done those before and it was a great way to see a little more than we have before.

On Saturday we went into San Diego and went on a charter boat out on the ocean to look for whales and dolphis. We were able to follow one California Gray whale for a half hour or so. We were not able to see any dolphins but saw some sea lions (or were they seals?) and plenty of birds. The only down side to the boat ride was that the ocean created a little motion sickness for us. We just aren't used to that motion in Utah you know!

We did some shopping at a nice mall and found some after Christmas deals and went out to see the sun set to end our quick little getaway.

It was a great trip and should provide some great memories to look back on.
We hope you all enjoyed the Christmas season as well.

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